Huizhou Huinuo Technology Co.,Ltd

        Founded in Huizhou, Guangdong Province in 2017, huinuo technology is a high-tech enterprise specializing in respiratory protective masks, medical consumables, in vitro diagnostic reagents and life science research. The company has owned a Excellent technology and operation team, built a 10000 level dust-free workshop, five full-automatic N95 mask production lines, and established a strict quality management system. Guangdong Huanuo, a subsidiary company, won the second prize of the start-up group in the Eighth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Huizhou competition area) in September 2019, and won the first prize of the start-up group in the Eighth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong competition area). In 2019, it became a "Guangdong technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise".
        We has a production workshop of 3000 square meters, currently has 35 kn95 / N95 full-automatic production lines and semi-automatic production lines, with a daily production capacity of 600000. It is a large kn95 / N95 production base in South China, which can meet the production capacity demand of customers at home and abroad to the greatest extent.
Why us?

· We have a complete medical supplies production line, skilled technical workers and strict quality inspection standards, to ensure that our products meet the domestic and international quality requirements.

· We are a professional team. Our members have many years of automation professional technology background, excellent medical device research and development, manufacturing and management technology.

· We are a young team. Our average age is only 33, full of vigor and innovation.

· We are a team with dreams. We come from all over the world, because of a common dream: to be a truly excellent life science research and solution enterprise, to provide customers with the most reliable medical products.

· We are a dedicated team. We firmly believe that the high-end brand comes from the trust of customers. Focus on professional, customer demand is action order, immediate and unconditional implementation, in order to do a good reputation.

Corporate culture

A successful enterprise must have a scientific management concept, a good capital operation mode, a management team with a sense of competition and cooperation spirit, and an excellent and unique enterprise culture. There is also the most vulnerable lack of enterprise quality - Determination and courage to forge ahead!